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April 1, 2010

How to Make Pickle?

Pickle is one of side dishes that are kept in dinning table along with main dishes to enhance the taste of food. Pickle is mostly used with different grains and often prepared in home by grandmothers. Variety of vegetables is used in the preparation of pickle. Sometimes pickle is made of combination of different vegetables and sometimes people prefer to make pickle of different vegetables separately. Special spices are used to make pickle and they include sonf, zeera, methi dana, kalwanji, red chilli powder, salt, vinegar and mustard oil.

Here I will give you recipe of pickle of different vegetables as ripe mango, radish, lemon, green chilies, carrot and olives.

  • Cut mango in long thin strips after peeling and taking out their seeds. Wash them and then dry far from sun.
  • Cut lemons in two pieces from centre. Make a cut on green chilies but keep them whole and fill with salt.
  • Also cut radish and carrot in long strips about 1 and half inches.
  • Boil the radish and carrot separately for 1 hour till they tender lightly.
  • Saut√© green chilies in mustered oil for some minutes.
  • Take a large bowl and mix all the spices and little amount of mustered powder and mix finely. Then add all the vegetables in that mixed spices and mix altogether.
  • Take a large cleaned jar and put that mixture of vegetables and spices in it.
  • Also add some vinegar in it.
  • After 2 or 3 days add some mustered oil in the pickle.
  • Keep checking pickle everyday and stir it lightly.
  • After one week mixed vegetable pickle is ready. Serve it to enjoy your food.

Above is the common method to make pickle.


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