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April 6, 2010

Health and Fruit Juices

Health is most important aspect of every one’s life and saying that “Health is Wealth” is quite right. People adopt several ways to maintain their physical and mental health using foods and nutrition. Fruits are most significant in human body’s growth and a part of balanced diet as well. Having diet without fruit cannot meet the body requirements of kids, women, men and old ones. We can say that fruit are key aspect of maintaining health and growing body and beauty also. However fruits are used in different forms in which most common is fruit juices.

In this article we are going to share with all of you great benefits of taking fruit juices to maintain balance of diet and nutrition in human body.

Main aspect of fruit juices regarding their benefits is that they are very helpful in food digestion in our stomach. Fruit juices make stomach work properly to make food a part of body.

As loosing weight is everyone’s dream and this can be done with help of fruit juices. According to research and study of human body, this point is firmly considered by the people that fruit juices play vital role in loosing weight in very short period of time with providing other necessary vitamins that are ultimate need of human body. The trend of using fruit juices for weight loosing is increasing day by day.

Beet juices contain lots of minerals, vitamins and energy element to make the body fibers strong. Vitamin C, B, B1, B2 and PP are found in plenty in beet juices. They also provide potassium, iron and manganese salt to human body. One thing is most important when you go to drink beet juice as it has to keep in fridge before 2-3 hours as fresh juice of beets is harmful for body and causes many problems like vomiting and other stomach problems.

Tomato juices are also best for stimulate food metabolism and also reduce risk of cancer. Tomato juices are very useful for ladies after pregnancy during breastfeeding. To drink tomato juice half an hour before each meal is strongly recommended as it is useful in digestion.

Pumpkin juice is much better for heart patients and kidney and liver diseases as well. in case of insomnia, taking one glass of pumpkin juice with honey before sleep will be very useful.

Apple juice is enriched with vitamin C and P. substances like calcium, iron salts; magnesium, zinc; nickel and cobalt are also found in apple juice.

Orange or grape juice is marvelous for beauty and health of skin and whole body. It contains great quantity of calcium, vitamin C and sugar. It can reduce level of cholesterol and high blood pressure.

Carrot juice is much better who have shortage of vitamin A in their bodies and have some problems relate with problems of eyes and nails.

Benefits of fruit juices are given here are fewer but actually are endless. Regardless of health benefits of fruit juices, they also are delicious and convenient to make in handy and electric juicers.


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