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April 12, 2010

Red Meat VS White Meat

Misconceptions, half truths and misguiding about red and white meat confuse people and they cannot make choice in both of them. As we all know that meat is main food item used by the people in their daily cooking across the world and importance of meat cannot be denied when we talk about health and food. Unfortunately people don’t have true information regarding importance and difference between red and white meat.

I have brought a comparison of red and white meat for your consideration to better understand importance of both meat types. This information is based on difference of red meat and white meat with respect to its nutrition and benefits for human body.

Red Meat

Red meat is often considered as dark meat just because of its dark color. Simply dark or red meat is enriched with myoglobin proteins. Flavor is another key factor that makes difference in red and white meat. Red meat is made of slow twitch fibers. When red meat is cooked its myoglobin turns to metmyoglobins and got grey color as well. According to thinking red meat is obtained from mammals unlike white meat. Red meat contains more fat and grease in it.

White Meat

White meat is enriched with glycogen and has weak fibers that help it to tender fast. Moreover white meat is obtained from poultry animals like chicken, ducks and others. Fish meat is also a form of white meat. White meat is usually used for quick responses and cannot keep longer.white meat is made of fast twitch fibers.

If we compare red and white meat with respect to their nutrition, we come to know that red meat is full of zinc, riboflavin, niacin, thiamin, vitamins B6 and B12, amino acids and iron. Red beef meat is enriched with 11 times more zinc as compared with tuna and 3 time more iron than raw spinach.


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