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April 15, 2010

Food Garnishing

Food garnishing is an art and can make your food items more attractive and appetizer also. In this era where style has been occurred in every field of life even in food and eating habits food garnishing is given greater importance. Food garnishing is second name of food presentation in which cooked dishes are decorated with food items like fruits, vegetables and many others. Not enough efforts or money is required to do this activity but it is a matter of creativity and imagination. Food garnishing is much important as competitions of food garnishing are being held by different hotels and restaurants among people to get know how of this art.

Food garnishing should be natural and beautiful as this is the main requirement of this art. The material that is used to garnish the food dishes should be relevant to the type of food. Now different types of cutters are available in the market to have fun with food items. Colorful fruits and vegetables are cut in beautiful shapes to put on the cooked dishes that definitely helpful in getting appetizer. Items that are used in food garnishing can be carrot curls, stuffed mushrooms, peppers and tomatoes, pineapple boats, cucumber balls, onion rings, tomato roses,  carrot and tomato flowers and cherries etc. Variety of food items are used to enhance the beauty of cooked dishes.

Here we will show some samples of food garnishing to give you an idea that how food items can be garnished in an attractive way.


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    Comment by theonlycin — April 26, 2010 @ 4:29 am

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