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May 18, 2010

Soften Hard Brown Sugar

Brown sugar is one of most important kitchen items that are used in cooking daily. Brown sugar got hard often and become rocks. This thing creates problems to use the adequate amount of sugar in certain cooking. To keep soften hard brown sugar we brought some useful tips for you from which you can keep brown sugar soft and fresh.

These tips include:

  • Brown sugar should be place in airtight jar with piece of bread on its top for overnight. By this method brown sugar will be soft and fresh and you can use it anytime. If this method is not effective in one trial, try it for another day.
  • If brown sugar has got hardness or become rocks, sprinkle some drops of water on the hardened sugar and keep it for two days. This method is also better in removing hardness of brown sugar.
  • Place brown sugar in an open container and spread a wet or moisturized piece of cloth over it and let it sit for overnight.
  • Put some slices of apple in the jar of brown sugar. Hardness of brown sugar will be removed by this method. Put out the apple slices when sugar got softness.
  • Put brown sugar in a bowl and put it in microwave and keep a bowl full of water besides it. Brown sugar will soften.
  • Keeping a clay disc in the jar of brown sugar will also helps to keep it fresh and soft.

By following these tips you can enjoy your soft and fresh brown sugar without any tensions.


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