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May 20, 2010

Taking Care of Elderly Parents

Life starts from childhood and we see our parents taking care of us all the time. Life goes on and we grow young and our parents come to that stage of life where they cannot take care of themselves. It is the time when we have to take responsibility of giving love, care and passionate them as they had given us throughout our life. Taking care of aging parents is obviously a difficult and challenging task but at the same time it is an honor and privilege to take good care of our parents. Here we will discuss the things that can be done in aging parent’s care and better living:

  • It was the time when your parents were caregiver for you and now you are charged this responsibility. It is very important for you to take good care of your parents and try to give them comfort, happiness, love and better life style. When we talk about taking care of elderly parents, lots of things can be included in this phenomenon. You need to recognize the things that come before you as reserve role.
  • Don’t behave with your parents like kids as they have gained lots of experience by seeing ups and downs of life. Don’t loose your temperament if your parents complain about your habits, attitude or way of living whether you are a baby boomer or some younger.
  • You can negotiate your responsibilities and duties that you want to take as caregiver of your parents. They will guide you in better way to come out of many conflicts.
  • Discuss with your parents their ultimate needs whether they are physical or some else.
  • Be straight in accomplishing your responsibilities as a caregiver of your parents and make a list of physicians’ names and contact numbers, friend’s names and contact numbers and discuss with physicians regarding health of your aging parents regularly.
  • Be punctual and make a schedule of giving medicine and feeding of your parents. If your parents are able to take their medicine themselves, you can even remind them to take medicine regularly and hug them.
  • Try to have good advice if you have any problem of conflict in solving problems of your parents and taking care of them.
  • Take care of your elderly parents as you except from your child to care for you when you will be old.
  • Try to give them good time and make them feel enjoy through talk with them in jolly mood.
  • Never use physical force on your parents but give them respect, care and love.
  • Show your love and consciousness for your parents as it will give them feeling of security and comfort that here is someone who will take care of them.
  • Greet them on some special occasion like birthday, wedding anniversary or any other event.

Things for taking care of your parents are endless but are very small to make your parents feel happy and contented.


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