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August 24, 2010

Weight Losing Excercises

Exercise is healthy way to lose weight even without remaining deprive of food. Human body is made in such a way that it likes slow changes whether it is related to food or exercises. If you want to start exercise for loosing weight, you must view the video given below. Here is a tip for you not to start hard and tough exercise if you don’t have done exercise before. This video will provide you some basics steps of exercise that are specifically for beginners. You must follow the exercises given here:


July 23, 2010

What Exactly is True Health?

Health is condition of equilibrium, stability, good functioning and maintenance of all body parts. To get vigorous body and mind is main target regarding good health and attitude to bring bad health to our lives. Any unfair physical and mental condition is known as bad health. It is very important that each body part should work well and effectively. Good coordination among psychological, physical and spiritual sections of body parts is considered good health. The true health means we are comfortable in each body part existence and there is no pain and uneasiness in our internal system. We can perform up to level and give our best having healthy body and mind. From these wording you can better understand what exactly is true health and how can you maintain it?

Many things are required for maintaining good health as balanced and moderate diet, self esteem, positive attitude towards life and proper exercise. These two things contribute as a whole to our health and keeping us satisfied. We must be satisfied within our current condition and looking for the best also to improve our life. Staying happy and positive is also important to keep body and mind in good condition. We should awake with a smile on face and have courage to meet the challenges of our surroundings. These are simple and small points that we can do to maintain good health. You don’t need to be worry about your health if you have adopted these principles in your routine.

June 12, 2010

Health Vitamins and Supplements

Vitamins are group of organic food substances and are necessary for good health. These vitamins can be taken from natural food items and alternate way of taking vitamins is use of supplements. Vitamins are based on solubility and can be classified into two classes. These tow categories are:

  • Fat- soluble vitamins like vitamin D, A, E and vitamin K.
  • Water-soluble vitamins include vitamin B12, biotin, vitamin B6, niacin, thiamin, riboflavin, pantothenic acid, and vitamin C (ascorbic acid).

Vitamins should be taken in small amount as they keep the metabolism normal and maintain your good health. Vitamins are not source of energy and do not provide calories to the body but are valuable in keeping your body in running condition. Vitamins play very vital role in digesting, absorbing and metabolizing eaten food. Remember, excess use of vitamins can lead you to acute and chronic diseases. Vitamins exist in the form of blood cells, genetic material, nervous system chemicals and hormones. Fundamental growth of cells depends on vitamins that perform such functions:

  • Keep cells strong
  • Tissue binding
  • Fighting against infections and diseases

Vitamin A plays very important role in body functioning and making good health. It is responsible for bone growth, cell division and reproduction.

Vitamin B Complex makes the body resist to stress and depression. It is also good for healthy skin, digesting and muscles toning. It regulates the blood pressure and also good for reducing leg cramps and muscles spasms.

Vitamin C performs well to strength immune system and maintaining tissues.

If you take adequate amount of vitamin D, you will have less risk of bone loss and diseases.

Vitamin E is very effective that stands in fat-soluble category and is very important for better functioning of eyes. It is also better for physical stability.

Vitamin K is also very important that is effective for good health, bone massing and blood clotting.

In conclusion taking adequate amount of vitamins in the from of natural food or any other way can be taken to maintain good health.

May 28, 2010

Weight Chart

Having obesity and inanition with respect to age both are harmful for good health. If you are overweight you will suffer in obesity disease like high cholesterol and blood pressure. On the other hand if your weight is low with respect to your age it will lead you towards weaknesses and your health will badly effective. So maintaining a healthy weight is very important in order to protect yourself from obesity diseases and disabilities. You must think of starting weight maintaining programs recommended by nutritionist or according to condition of your health. You also have to follow some important points that include:

  • Eating adequate amount of diet
  • Changing your behavior
  • Adopting good eating habits
  • Do some physical work
  • Follow the weight chart

Before you start doing things mentioned above you need to be aware of levels of weight having different age and height. Considering weight chart can be very useful for you to maintain your weight and overall health.

You can buy an authentic weight chart like:

April 5, 2010

Health Benefits of Green Tea

Green tea had been enjoyed by Chinese and Japanese people for thousands of years but now this trend prevails over the world east and west. Lots of health benefits of green tea have come on the screen according to recent research of medical science and food technology. I have collected some facts regarding affects of green tea that it leaves on people who regularly drink green tea.

A list of health benefits of green tea include:

  1. Regular drinking green tea can save you from several scleroses.
  2. Green tea is also much better in treatment and even prevention of cancer.
  3. It also maintains cholesterol level of human body.
  4. Green tea is also used to prevent Parkinson’s diseases and Alzheimer as well.
  5. Green tea is much better in reducing the chances of heart attack and other disease related to heart.
  6. Green tea raises the metabolism of human body and also increases fat oxidation.
  7. Loosing weight is marvelous benefit of drinking green tea regular.
  8. Immune functions of body are strengthening by green tea.
  9. Green tea is also beneficial for killing germs that cause dental plaque.
  10. Green tea makes use to the patients of high blood pressure and diabetes to low the pressure.
  11. It also kills free radicals that cause over aging.

All these points mentioned above regarding benefits of green tea are researched from web for your convenience.

March 19, 2010

Tips for Healthy Dieting

People are being very conscious for dieting and sometimes not know the better way of dieting and as a result of it, they become weak. Actually dieting does not mean to be hungry or keeping fast over the day. Every one wants to see himself a smart, slim and active and to avoid fat people tend to dieting and get in several problems regarding health of body and mind as well. Here are some ground rules for proper way of dieting for your convenience if you are also one of them who are conscious for their physical fitness and health.

Don’t skip breakfast

Skipping breakfast in not proper way of dieting and this practice make you weak. After several hours of sleeping (Fasting) your body needs more nutrition for running the process of your digestive system. During sleep body growth and all eaten food become the part of your body. So don’t skip breakfast. Eat healthy food products as milk, eggs and food of low calories and fat.

Chew food Slowly

Chewing food slowly is an important rule of eating and this will help you in filling quickly even with small amount of food. Chewing food slowly is the best way during your dieting plan.

Avoid fry food

Fry food adds more calories in your food items and you also feel some gas trouble in your stomach. Prepare food on steam, grilling and backing.

Don’t eat while other activities

Avoid eating if you are watching TV and involved in some other activities as it will take your attention from food and you will not pick up the signal of your body that now you don’t have to eat further.

Use plenty of water

Drinking plenty of water is very progressive practice in your dieting plan and you will need less food to eat. Drinking 8-10 glass of water per day is better during dieting. Water also leaves good effects on your skin and aids your physical beauty.

Avoid white food

White food such as bread, cakes, biscuits and cookies are harmful for your body as all these things contain lots of starch. Sugar and slat should be replaced with fibrous whole meal products.

Don’t go in restaurants

Food prepared in hotels and restaurants are not good in case of dieting. You are suggested to prepare your food yourself and add more nutrition and healthy minerals in your food items. This will also save your health and money as well.

Focus on Regular exercise

Regular exercise is necessary during your dieting. Exercise of twenty minutes per day would prove very good for you to better observation of your food and keep you away from extra fat on your body. Cycling, jogging, swimming and other physical exercises are necessary to done during dieting.

Keeping all the tips mentioned above for dieting will definitely better for you in making your body health and beautiful. Don’t focus on just keeping fast but follow these tips as they are approved.

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