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July 21, 2010

Guide for Grass Mowing

If you have artistic lawn in your home, you must take good care of grass especially when you mow it. Here are some great tips for you that will prove a guide for mowing grass in better way and give your lawn an appealing look.

The tips include:

  • Clean and dry the grass before you start cutting with mower.
  • Avoid cutting grass too short especially cool season grass. Higher height of grass provides better look and strong root system.
  • Avoid cutting one third of grass from your lawn.
  • Cut grass in different directions as it looks much better and attractive.
  • Use better mower and blades of mowers should be sharp to easily cut the grass. If a mower is not working well, it will root out grass from soil and beauty of lawn will spoil.
  • Keep changing oil of mowers before using it in next season.
  • Keep pets and children out of lawn when you are mowing.
  • Before starting mow, clear the area from leaves, stricks and other debris.
  • Read operating guide available with mowers before starting mow.
  • Use gloves and sunglasses when mowing grass from your lawn.

These are simple but helpful tips that will allow you to cut grass in better way and provide you lawn with attractive look.


June 4, 2010

Basic Garden Tools

You can easily start gardening to enjoy nature at your home. You don’t need to worry about having lots of things for gardening. But you definitely need some basic tools of gardening that can help you doing gardening in better way. However lots of tools are available in the market specifically for gardening as selection of these tools is something difficult. But here we tell you that what you can add in the selection of basic tools for gardening.

Spading Fork: Spading fork is one of basic tools of gardening and it is used to dig the soil before growing anything in the garden. Without this tool you cannot start gardening. So you must purchase spading fork for digging purpose of soil and growing plants and flowers in your garden.

Hoe: Next tool for gardening that you should purchase is hoe. It is used to weed and cultivate the surface of soil that provides nutrition to the plants and flowers. It is also one of important tools of gardening.

Watering Can: selection of watering can is also very important for gardening as watering is basic function that you perform in gardening. Long nozzles of watering can provide better rate of water flow that is necessary for small plants to grow. You should focus on purchasing watering can having spray head as it is perfect for young plants.

Shovel: If you have large gardening project like shrubs and trees, you must purchase round shaped shovel as it is helpful in digging larger areas of soil.

Bow Rake: Bow rake is another tool that is necessary for basic gardening. You should select bow rake that has short tines on one side.

Garden Shears: You should select pair of garden shears that is used for pruning, shaping and removing branches and foliages.

The tools mentioned above are necessary if you have decided to do gardening. But you should avoid purchasing so expensive products until you like gardening.

May 3, 2010

Take Good Care of Plants and Flowers

Growing plants and flowers is not enough to enjoy the real beauty of garden until unless you will not take good care of them. After growing plants of flowers and vegetable it is become most important that you have to look after them in better way. Some plants and flowers are seasonal and called as annual plants and flowers. To take good care of them hare are some tips for you if you are a lover of having plants of seasonal flowers and vegetables in your home garden.

These tips include:

  • First of all you need to have complete information regarding availability of plants and flowers that can grow in running season. Season should be compatible with flowers for better growth.
  • When you have seasonal plants in your home garden you should be aware of their requirements of watering. Some plants need more water and others don’t need. It depends on the nature of plants you have. Take good care in watering your plants and be regular in watering them.
  • Digging is always a better way for quick and better growth of plants and flowers. Make a schedule and dig the container of plants or beds if you have.
  • Sunshine is most important thing for better growth of plants of flowers and vegetables. It also depends on the nature of a plant that how much sunshine is required for its growth. Some plants have to keep in partial shade while others grow and bloom in sunshine. Do as they require.
  • Annual flowers and plants are in different in soil compatibility so you should be careful in growing plants and flowers in your home garden or plants containers.
  • Most annual plants and flowers require less maintenance but proper care will give you better results and you will enjoy your gardening.
  • It is also necessary to prepare for the next year plants and flowers from existing plants. You can store the seeds of flowers for the next year use.
  • Mulching and removing spent heads of flowers is also very important to take beautiful view of your garden. Use proper tools for this purpose.
  • Keep sensitive plants separate from others to grow better.

Follow the tips given above and enjoy beautiful look of your garden each year.

March 25, 2010

Steps to Make Home Garden

Having garden or greenery in home gives much soothing and refreshing feelings and people feel calm and comfort in their homes. Gardening also provides the individuals a better way to spend some time with nature to relax from busy home life. For those who have some empty land in their homes and want to make a beautiful garden, here are some initial steps that can give them proper guide to make and maintain their home garden.

These steps are:

First step: First of all shape the area in which you want to make garden in some funny and interesting shapes as stars, oval and some others like funny. Mark the land of area with the help of sand and lame and make the edges of garden.

Second step: Now the time is to get rid of unwanted bushes and grass from the garden. Use grass cutter and shovel to dig the soil of garden to grow flowers and vegetables in it. Digging properly is the better way to pick up pebbles, stones and other items from the soil. Soften the soil by digging finely.

Third step: Make the edges of beds of shapes of your own choice to grow plants and flowers in it. If you want to grow flowers and vegetables in your garden, make separate sections for this purpose. Keep some space for walking and crawling in your garden. Keep 8 inch deep and 2 inch wide to keep the area of crawling from beds.

Fourth step: Now the most exciting step starts of your gardening that is placement of plants at right place to look charming and better. Put some space in each plant to better care them.

Fifth step: When you have placed plants in your garden, spread mulch and other chemicals that can help the plants growing fast. Use accurate amount of mulch regarding the matter of care and maintenance of plants.

Sixth step: Now the time is to water the plant, use small shower for this purpose as they are specially made for watering the plants. Be careful in watering the plants and don’t use access amount of water.

Make other necessary steps to keep your plants healthy and growing fast as proper shading, fertilizer and other care tips to make your garden beautiful and relaxing for you and your family. Treat the plants carefully when you cut, dig or trim them. All these steps are necessary to be taken to have better form of garden in your home to enhance the beauty of your home.

Given below images will give you an idea that how you can make your new garden and arrange plants of flowers and vegetables in your home.

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