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August 13, 2010

Make Easy Dishes with Food Processor

Cooking in food processor is a versatile way of cooking and also very easy and fast. Some of food processor benefits include time saving and ability to reduce the stress that you have doing same things in kitchen with your hands. This great kitchen appliance can be used for several purposes like:

  • Grinding
  • Chopping
  • Slicing
  • Shredding

Vegetables, fruits, nuts and just any other type of food can be processed with this amazing appliance. It has made the lives of people very comfort in kitchen especially when there you have to prepare food in very short time. Here we will describe 10 dishes that you can easily make using food processor in your kitchen.

  1. Shredded salad can be easily made in food processor than doing this boring task with hands.
  2. Different types of soups can also be prepared frequently in food processor.
  3. It just takes 30 seconds to prepare pizza dough.
  4. Food processor is very helpful in making different types of dips and dressings that are used in salads and past dishes.
  5. You can prepare meat balls with food processor in just few minutes. Just put the material in food processor and blend it.
  6. Shredding cheese can also be prepared by food processor in more convenient.
  7. Salsa, garlic and parsley can also be chopped in food processor to use in different dishes.
  8. Nuts can be diced or copped to use for ice cream or topping for other dishes.
  9. It is amazing that you can make bread crumbs at home with the help of food processor.

Bring food processor to your home and see the amazing results of this amazing kitchen appliance. It will also add to value of your kitchen.


July 19, 2010

Preparing Dinner Menu

You always think what’s best on dinning table when invite guests at your home for dinner. Food and meal highlight the occasion whether it is small or big. So if you have assigned the responsibility to arrange dinner on the arrival of guests, you should be very careful regarding this. Other than dinner arranging activities, writing a diner menu is very important to do this daunting task. Writing dinner menu will surely help you in organizing all the relevant activities. To help you more here are some instructions for you to write a good and convenient dinner menu.

Pre-dinner Considerations

Lots of things you have to keep in mind before preparing dinner menu and most important of them are budget analysis and determining number guest coming to your home. Knowing the number of guests and having a specific budget will allow you to choice foods for the dinner.

Collecting Information in Menu Courses

You must be familiar with different types of foods in menu courses. Also try to have recipes, ingredients and preparation of them and also learn the serving of selected dishes. But you must try or tested the dish you are going to serve to your guests for the first time.

Making your Own Dinner Menu

Be original and prepare your own dinner menu. Select best menu for dishes according to your liking and make good combination of lighter and heavy dishes. Arrange the information of dinner menu in printing form that will help you doing things smoothly at dinner night.

Hosting and entertaining your guests will be easy and fun for you if you have prepared such things mentioned above.

July 12, 2010

Kids Cooking

You often see that kids are interested to help their moms in the kitchen. It also can be a great fun to make something new and delicious by kids. Do you know what the benefits of kids cooking beyond the kitchen are?

One of great benefits of kid’s involvement in the kitchen is that they learn several nutrition facts that also help them to rectify their eating and selecting best food for them. Cooking make them plan meals for themselves and their family. You should be with your kids while they are cooking to provide guidance in health choices.

Kids also learn reading of recipes and following them in cooking. They understand the sequence of recipe and adequate amount of ingredients used in making dishes. Let them read recipes when you are cooking with them.

Kids overall reading skills improve by staying in kitchen with you. Practice, practice and practice is secret to good reading. So keep involve your kids reading recipes, food packages and anything around the kitchen.

Fine motor skills can also be improved by involving kids in kitchen activities like spreading, stirring, scrubbing, pouring and mashing etc. How look it lovely when they do all this with their tiny hands?

Definitely math is involved in kitchen and cooking, young kids when you add ingredients in bowl with cups, they count them. Older kids can learn fractions of math like two third cup of flour is required to make pizza dough.

Kitchen can also be a science lab during baking cake or cookies but only if you are inclined. When kids see ingredients converting into food through heat, they learn about melting, boiling and evaporation points frequently.

Whenever you prepare food or dishes of foreign culture, kid learn more and more about culture of different regions. They can preparer a themed meal for you.

In short kids involvement in kitchen is necessary for they not only learn cooking skills but also learn many other skills that help them groom in their life.

July 5, 2010

Kids Lunch Box Ideas

We all know how difficult to arrange lunch box for kids on daily basis. Moms and kids are bored of same lunch box daily. There should be something new regarding lunch box ideas for kids so that they may eat their lunch happily. Here are some simple ideas to spice up lunch boxes of your kids. You must consider these ideas for it is your duty to give your kids a healthy and delicious lunch as a mom.

Change bread

Sandwiches are often considered the best for giving kids as their lunch. Why don’t you think changing bread while same filling for making lunch sandwiches for school going kids? Pitta bread, bagels and tortilla wraps can be used for this purpose. Kids will like this new change with sandwiches. You can bring real change in making lunch boxes of your kids by packing crackers and using breadsticks. It would be a fun activity for kids on lunch time when they will assemble the crackers and dip bread sticks.

Try new Salad

Forget typical tomato and lettuce salad and be innovative in trying different types of salads with vegetables and fruits. Pasta and potatoes can be used for this purpose. Mayonnaise and olive oil can be used as salad dressing. Cut up veggies, corn kennels, tomatoes, cucumbers and carrots can be used for making new and tasty salad dishes for kid’s lunch boxes.

Make Fun with Sandwiches

If you tend to give traditional sandwiches to your kids for lunch, try to bring some thing new in the shape of sandwiches. Use cookie cutter and make different interesting shapes of sandwiches. When you will give the sandwiches shape of star, dinosaur or flower, you will feel that how much your kids are enjoying same sandwiches that were headache for them before.

Finger Foods

Sometimes kids don’t like to eat sandwiches and bowl of food daily. To break this boredom for kids, you should try to make finger food using cheese cubes, baby tomatoes, grapes, carrots, strips, mini crackers and ham cubes. Finger foods are always most favorite for all ages of kids.

Dip Lunch

Mostly kids like to eat dipping stuff. Apple wedges, strawberry and peanut butter can be great choices for such interesting and delicious lunch. Hummus and cream can also be used for doing this.

All these ideas for kids lunch boxes are great and you must follow them to make your kids feel enjoy while eating lunch in the schools.

July 2, 2010

Pasta and Macaronis

Macaronis are moderately extended food that is prepared by machines. Macaronis are most favorite food of kids today and specially prepared in hotels and restaurants for kids. Pasta and macaronis are also used in many home dishes and liked by the people. Macaronis are used to make Italian dishes, Chinese dishes and many types of mixed salads. Macaronis are of different shapes and elbow macaronis are one of them. Mixed dishes are prepared with macaronis, pasta, noodles, vegetables and meat. Here are some types of past and macaronis having different nutrition and calories.

Elbow Macaronis

Shell Macaronis

Pasta Macaronis

Whole Wheat Macaronis

Vegetable Macaronis

June 16, 2010

Organize your Kitchen with Limited Counter Space

Sometimes you have small and limited counter space of your kitchen and you feel very difficulty in dealing with cooking and organizing utensils in kitchen during cooking. Here is a way to organize kitchen that has limited and small counter space.

  • You should analyze area of your kitchen and fix the place for cooking and other kitchen work separately.
  • If you have limited counter space in kitchen then it should be clear from small appliances. However appliances you use daily should on kitchen counter like coffee maker and toaster etc. Other appliances like juicer, blender, sandwich maker and others should be kept in kitchen cabinets.
  • Additional kitchen items should be stored on counter top in cabinet. That may be knife set, serving spoon, kitchen vases and other decorative items. Kitchen counter should be free for essential items and necessary use.
  • Your fridge top can be a better place to store some small items like bottles of vinegar and olive oil.
  • Use the area over stove to hang some kitchen items like cooking spoons, match box container, dish towel and others.
  • Remember the things you don’t use everyday should not be on counter.

These easy tips will be very useful for you in organizing your kitchen having small counter space. After applying these tips in your kitchen you will see how much your cooking procedure has become smooth and comfortable.

June 14, 2010

Kitchen Cutlery

When you talk about kitchen accessories, one of most important is kitchen cutlery. Mainly this term is for kitchen knives but other kitchen utensils also stand in this category. Cutlery is one this you need to hold in your hand when you start cooking. Cutlery is one thing that you use in daily cooking. Cooking, serving and eating food all are incomplete with kitchen cutlery. Buying cutlery is just your personal choice. Some people like to purchase woody cutlery as they seems homey. Whatever the type of your kitchen cutlery, it should be very convenient to you for better and easy cooking. Kitchen cutlery should be light weight and easy to handle so that your hands and wrists don’t wear out.

In case of purchasing kitchen knives you should be very selective and careful for cooking faster, efficient and more comfortably. Your kitchen knives should be perfect for all types of vegetables, fruit, meat and others like bread etc. However your purchase for kitchen cutlery also depends on your kitchen needs. Versatile line up of kitchen knives provides you do different tasks. Actually lots of kitchen accessories are included in kitchen cutlery and all these are purchase according to personal choice. Keeping kitchen cutlery at safe place is also very important. In short kitchen cutlery should be functioning and make you easy while cooking.

May 31, 2010

Commonly Used Kitchen Appliances

Kitchen appliances have become most important part of modern kitchens. It is not far when a well organized kitchen had stove, refrigerator, oven and sink providing hot and cold water. Technological development has changed the face of everything and has become essential part of our lives. Invention of several kitchen appliances is best example of this fact that we are now slaves of technology. Lots of appliances are used that are very convenient for cooking tasty and obviously healthy dishes. These kitchen appliances are equally used in homes and restaurants.

Here we will discuss some of commonly used kitchen appliances with their functions and role in cooking.

Microwave Oven: For fast cooking microwaves have made cooks very convenient. Now each modern style kitchen is imperfect without microwave. You can reheat your dishes in fewer seconds without problem of sticking with utensils.

Refrigerator: Refrigerator is one of basic appliances used in home and kitchen. In order to maintain foodstuff clean and preserved from root, it is necessary to have refrigerator in your kitchen. More sophisticated models of refrigerators have also been introduced for your convenience like single door and double door refrigerator or freezers.

Pressure Cookers: It is another useful appliance that is most commonly used by cooks in homes and on commercial level as well. Having pressure cooker you can tender the hard foodstuff in some minutes like grain food, meet and other foodstuff.

Toaster: Toaster is another useful appliance that is very helpful in preparing breakfast quickly. You can heat bread slices in some seconds and your breakfast is ready.

Other than daily use kitchen appliances lots of others are here to make you comfortable in cooking and they include:

  • Sandwich maker
  • Juicer/blender
  • Steamer
  • Food processor
  • Electric cattle
  • Cooking range
  • Fryer

All these appliances are commonly used to cook frequently. These appliances are very helpful for saving your time in the kitchen.

April 24, 2010

Ideas of Breakfast Menu

Breakfast is mot important meal at the beginning of the day to give body all needed nutrition. Skipping breakfast is always forbidden by the physicians but breakfast should consist of health food items. Breakfast menus vary with respect to personal choice, weather and occasion. Another thing that is very important to select breakfast menu is that how much time is available for breakfast. Selection of breakfast menu is harder for housewives for their families.

Here is a list of some food items that should be necessarily included in breakfast menu in adequate amount or physical requirements of the individuals:

  • Eggs are considered as most important item in breakfast menu and you can use them in the form of omelets, scramble egg and fried eggs.
  • Casseroles and desserts are also used in breakfast after chilling over night. Breakfast casseroles are prepared with the help of egg mixtures, vegetables, bread crumbs and cheese etc.
  • Meat recipes can also be served as breakfast according to traditional and personal choices. Sea food has always remained a part of breakfast recipe over the world.
  • Dairy products are mostly used in breakfast like milk, butter, cheese. Different types of margarines are also used in this regard.
  • Breakfast never completes without use of fruit juices. Orange juice, carrot juice, tomato juice and lime juices are used as breakfast beverages.
  • In some regions traditional food is mostly used in breakfast. Special dishes are prepared to enjoy breakfast.
  • Some side dishes are also included in breakfast recipes like corn flakes, smoothie and sauces.
  • Different types of toast are prepared with the help of bread. Bread is most important part of breakfast menu.

You can select your breakfast according to the availability of all the things mentioned above and make a healthy breakfast for your family to keep them fit and healthy.

April 15, 2010

Food Garnishing

Food garnishing is an art and can make your food items more attractive and appetizer also. In this era where style has been occurred in every field of life even in food and eating habits food garnishing is given greater importance. Food garnishing is second name of food presentation in which cooked dishes are decorated with food items like fruits, vegetables and many others. Not enough efforts or money is required to do this activity but it is a matter of creativity and imagination. Food garnishing is much important as competitions of food garnishing are being held by different hotels and restaurants among people to get know how of this art.

Food garnishing should be natural and beautiful as this is the main requirement of this art. The material that is used to garnish the food dishes should be relevant to the type of food. Now different types of cutters are available in the market to have fun with food items. Colorful fruits and vegetables are cut in beautiful shapes to put on the cooked dishes that definitely helpful in getting appetizer. Items that are used in food garnishing can be carrot curls, stuffed mushrooms, peppers and tomatoes, pineapple boats, cucumber balls, onion rings, tomato roses,  carrot and tomato flowers and cherries etc. Variety of food items are used to enhance the beauty of cooked dishes.

Here we will show some samples of food garnishing to give you an idea that how food items can be garnished in an attractive way.

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