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May 18, 2010

Soften Hard Brown Sugar

Brown sugar is one of most important kitchen items that are used in cooking daily. Brown sugar got hard often and become rocks. This thing creates problems to use the adequate amount of sugar in certain cooking. To keep soften hard brown sugar we brought some useful tips for you from which you can keep brown sugar soft and fresh.

These tips include:

  • Brown sugar should be place in airtight jar with piece of bread on its top for overnight. By this method brown sugar will be soft and fresh and you can use it anytime. If this method is not effective in one trial, try it for another day.
  • If brown sugar has got hardness or become rocks, sprinkle some drops of water on the hardened sugar and keep it for two days. This method is also better in removing hardness of brown sugar.
  • Place brown sugar in an open container and spread a wet or moisturized piece of cloth over it and let it sit for overnight.
  • Put some slices of apple in the jar of brown sugar. Hardness of brown sugar will be removed by this method. Put out the apple slices when sugar got softness.
  • Put brown sugar in a bowl and put it in microwave and keep a bowl full of water besides it. Brown sugar will soften.
  • Keeping a clay disc in the jar of brown sugar will also helps to keep it fresh and soft.

By following these tips you can enjoy your soft and fresh brown sugar without any tensions.


April 29, 2010

How to Cope with Sleep Disorder?

Lack of sleep is very crucial problem and is also known as insomnia and sleeplessness. Taking proper sleep time is very important for right functioning of body as it is periodic state of body. Different people have different sleeping habits and it depends on several factors that include age, health, sex and condition of metabolism of a person. Sleep of 7-8 hours is considered normal for a person according to the recommendation of physicians. People of all areas suffer in the problem of sleep disorder and this thing badly affects the whole functionality of body.

As concerned the causes of insomnia or sleep disorder, it occurs as a result of mental tension, physical tiredness, serious or chronic disease and excess use of alcohol etc. To better deal this problem here are some home tips that you can apply in better way and get rid of sleep disorder very soon:

  • Using poppy seeds milk is an effective way to cure insomnia and sleep disorder. Mix some sugar in milk and drink before going to sleep.
  • Take good care of your breathing and there must not be any problem regarding breathing system. If your breathing is weak, you will suffer from insomnia.
  • Grounded powder of nutmegs is also very effective in taking good sleep. You should take this powder every night just before sleeping.
  • Adopting good sleeping habits will also make you have good sleep and avoid sleep disorder. Make a schedule and strictly follow it. Sleeping early and getting up early is universal rule to cope with all the problems.
  • Yoga exercises are also very good in killing insomnia and you will take good sleep.
  • Take 1 cup of warm milk with honey at bedtime and enjoy your sleep.
  • Make a mixture of ripe bananas and cumin seeds and use after dinner while preparing to sleep. It is very good in curing sleep disorder.
  • Avoid overeating to have good and comfortable sleep.
  • Make herbal tea of orange leaves and take it before going to bed as it will relief you in sleeping.

The tips mentioned above are very good to have good sleeping time. It is necessary to have good sleep for effective functionality of all the body parts.

April 24, 2010

Ideas of Breakfast Menu

Breakfast is mot important meal at the beginning of the day to give body all needed nutrition. Skipping breakfast is always forbidden by the physicians but breakfast should consist of health food items. Breakfast menus vary with respect to personal choice, weather and occasion. Another thing that is very important to select breakfast menu is that how much time is available for breakfast. Selection of breakfast menu is harder for housewives for their families.

Here is a list of some food items that should be necessarily included in breakfast menu in adequate amount or physical requirements of the individuals:

  • Eggs are considered as most important item in breakfast menu and you can use them in the form of omelets, scramble egg and fried eggs.
  • Casseroles and desserts are also used in breakfast after chilling over night. Breakfast casseroles are prepared with the help of egg mixtures, vegetables, bread crumbs and cheese etc.
  • Meat recipes can also be served as breakfast according to traditional and personal choices. Sea food has always remained a part of breakfast recipe over the world.
  • Dairy products are mostly used in breakfast like milk, butter, cheese. Different types of margarines are also used in this regard.
  • Breakfast never completes without use of fruit juices. Orange juice, carrot juice, tomato juice and lime juices are used as breakfast beverages.
  • In some regions traditional food is mostly used in breakfast. Special dishes are prepared to enjoy breakfast.
  • Some side dishes are also included in breakfast recipes like corn flakes, smoothie and sauces.
  • Different types of toast are prepared with the help of bread. Bread is most important part of breakfast menu.

You can select your breakfast according to the availability of all the things mentioned above and make a healthy breakfast for your family to keep them fit and healthy.

March 11, 2010

Keep Your Kitchen Clean

Kitchen is the most interesting and noticeable part of your home and everyone take the view of your kitchen when he/she come to your home. Cleanliness of kitchen becomes most important when you think about the health and care of your family. Basically kitchen cleaning is a part of cooking and you must focus on the cleanliness of kitchen. In this article you will learn the proper way of keeping your kitchen clean.

These are general kitchen cleaning tips that are:

  • First of all there must be proper place for everything in your kitchen as utensil and appliances and food items etc.
  • End your each day with proper cleaning of kitchen regarding cabinets, oven, kitchen counter, floor and sink.
  • Arrange the things in such a way that you remain easy with approach to the required thing during your cooking. This thing will also add cleanliness to your kitchen.
  • Use recommended chemicals for flies and other molds of kitchen.
  • Take the critical view of your kitchen within a week and clean it with details.
  • Use mixture of baking soda and warm water and clean the kitchen counter and floor with it.
  • Clean the greasy part of your kitchen as stove, oven, shelves and wall behind the stove.

By following these general tips regarding kitchen cleaning, you will see that how much your kitchen clean and free from germs and molds.

February 11, 2010

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