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August 6, 2010

7 Don’ts after a Meal

Here is very useful information for you regarding what to avoid after eating a meal. Continue reading:

Don’t Smoke: Smoking after meal is very dangerous and increases the risk of cancer. Experts say that smoking after meal is equal to 10 cigarettes and badly affect the health.

Don’t Eat Fruits Immediately: Avoid eating fruits immediately after meal as it causes your stomach blotting with air. Better suggestion is that fruits should be eaten after 1-2 hours after eating meal.

Avoid Tea: Tea leaves contain acid. Tea makes the eaten food hard to digest so avoid taking tea immediately after meal.

Don’t Walk: This concept is absolutely wrong that walking 100 steps will keep you healthy and live long. Walking immediately after meal is very harmful for health and digestive system cannot absorb the nutrition from eaten food.

Don’t Sleep Immediately: If you sleep abruptly after eating meal, food intake will not properly digest and you will also feels some gas trouble. So sleep 2-3 hours after meal.

Avoid Bathing: bathing immediately will weaken the digestive system and stomach also. It is always forbidden from bathing after meal because it increases the flow of blood to hands, legs and feet and amount of blood in stomach decreases.

Don’t loose your Belt: Avoid loosing your belt after eating meal as it twists or blocks the intestine.

Hope you will like this information and will find it very beneficial to maintain your health.


July 19, 2010

Preparing Dinner Menu

You always think what’s best on dinning table when invite guests at your home for dinner. Food and meal highlight the occasion whether it is small or big. So if you have assigned the responsibility to arrange dinner on the arrival of guests, you should be very careful regarding this. Other than dinner arranging activities, writing a diner menu is very important to do this daunting task. Writing dinner menu will surely help you in organizing all the relevant activities. To help you more here are some instructions for you to write a good and convenient dinner menu.

Pre-dinner Considerations

Lots of things you have to keep in mind before preparing dinner menu and most important of them are budget analysis and determining number guest coming to your home. Knowing the number of guests and having a specific budget will allow you to choice foods for the dinner.

Collecting Information in Menu Courses

You must be familiar with different types of foods in menu courses. Also try to have recipes, ingredients and preparation of them and also learn the serving of selected dishes. But you must try or tested the dish you are going to serve to your guests for the first time.

Making your Own Dinner Menu

Be original and prepare your own dinner menu. Select best menu for dishes according to your liking and make good combination of lighter and heavy dishes. Arrange the information of dinner menu in printing form that will help you doing things smoothly at dinner night.

Hosting and entertaining your guests will be easy and fun for you if you have prepared such things mentioned above.

July 5, 2010

Kids Lunch Box Ideas

We all know how difficult to arrange lunch box for kids on daily basis. Moms and kids are bored of same lunch box daily. There should be something new regarding lunch box ideas for kids so that they may eat their lunch happily. Here are some simple ideas to spice up lunch boxes of your kids. You must consider these ideas for it is your duty to give your kids a healthy and delicious lunch as a mom.

Change bread

Sandwiches are often considered the best for giving kids as their lunch. Why don’t you think changing bread while same filling for making lunch sandwiches for school going kids? Pitta bread, bagels and tortilla wraps can be used for this purpose. Kids will like this new change with sandwiches. You can bring real change in making lunch boxes of your kids by packing crackers and using breadsticks. It would be a fun activity for kids on lunch time when they will assemble the crackers and dip bread sticks.

Try new Salad

Forget typical tomato and lettuce salad and be innovative in trying different types of salads with vegetables and fruits. Pasta and potatoes can be used for this purpose. Mayonnaise and olive oil can be used as salad dressing. Cut up veggies, corn kennels, tomatoes, cucumbers and carrots can be used for making new and tasty salad dishes for kid’s lunch boxes.

Make Fun with Sandwiches

If you tend to give traditional sandwiches to your kids for lunch, try to bring some thing new in the shape of sandwiches. Use cookie cutter and make different interesting shapes of sandwiches. When you will give the sandwiches shape of star, dinosaur or flower, you will feel that how much your kids are enjoying same sandwiches that were headache for them before.

Finger Foods

Sometimes kids don’t like to eat sandwiches and bowl of food daily. To break this boredom for kids, you should try to make finger food using cheese cubes, baby tomatoes, grapes, carrots, strips, mini crackers and ham cubes. Finger foods are always most favorite for all ages of kids.

Dip Lunch

Mostly kids like to eat dipping stuff. Apple wedges, strawberry and peanut butter can be great choices for such interesting and delicious lunch. Hummus and cream can also be used for doing this.

All these ideas for kids lunch boxes are great and you must follow them to make your kids feel enjoy while eating lunch in the schools.

June 30, 2010

Some Great Tips for Salad Decoration

Salad is high nutrition food and can be presented as side dish with meal or as an entire meal depending on your choice. Salad decoration is also very important and gives your dinning table a gorgeous and fresh look. Here are some tips for salad decoration that you will feel very convenient while preparing fruit and vegetable salad.

  • Use glass decorative bowls and wooden bowls to serve the salad in more impressive way.
  • Cut fruits and vegetables in same size and steam them for few minutes. Add mayonnaise to make delicious salad.
  • Mixed salad of fruit and vegetables is not only seemed to be beautiful but also served to guests.
  • All the salad ingredients should be chilled before using. If you have cut vegetables and fruit before time, keep them in cold water to maintain their freshness.
  • Salad ingredients should be of varying colors. Vegetables and fruits of red, green and yellow colors can be used in this regard.
  • Dressing of salad should be done in proper way. Although dressing does not affect the look and appearance of salad but it adds good taste in the salad.
  • Presentation of salad is also very important and you must be creative regarding preparation and presentation of salad.
  • Grain food like peas, beans and grams can also be used in salad decoration and preparation.
  • Boiled chicken can also be used with combination of fruit, vegetables and grain foods.
  • Noodles and macaronis are also used in salad preparation.
  • If you want to keep salad fresh or glowing, sprinkle some drops of lemon juice or vinegar on salad.
  • Sea food and boiled eggs are also used to make beautiful and delicious salad as a whole meal.

Follow these tips and enhance the beauty of your dining table and obviously taste of your meal.


April 22, 2010

Some Secrets for Busy Moms

It is morning and moms are in hurry to serve breakfast to each member of her family. Sometimes it becomes very hard to manage time in kitchen while preparing breakfast and lunch for school and office going individuals. This thing becomes very critical when moms are also working women and they have to look after themselves along with their family members. In such situation each lady feels that time is running and she is batting with clock. To better handle the time in kitchen here are some special tips that will be very beneficial to you if you are one of them who have to say early morning that “O my God, there is no time”

Look at the tips given below and save your time and enjoy morning time.

Many things you have to plan in the night for saving your time in the morning such as:

  • Menu planning for breakfast and lunch.
  • Defrost the things in refrigerator that will be used in morning.
  • Do some homework before actual cooking in the morning.
  • Get ready your coffee pot in the evening.
  • Cut up ingredients that you want to use in the morning in your meal like onion, peppers and tomatoes etc.
  • Dishes that can be eaten by reheating them in oven can be prepared in the evening.
  • Set dinning table and in morning just serve your food items.
  • Try to get involved your family members and kids in extra tasks of kitchens like emptying the dustbin, arranging utensils to their places etc.
  • Keep your kitchen clean and in an organized form.
  • Before starting cooking, keep all the needed ingredients near you so that you don’t have to move around the kitchen.
  • Wash your utensils and dishes during cooking and don’t leave them for later.
  • Keep vegetables stir fry before preparing your meal and store them in refrigerator, it will also save your time to great extent.
  • Crock pot food is an ideal choice to save time in the morning.

Try these tips and feel the difference that how early you have prepared breakfast and packed lunch boxes of your kids.

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