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June 23, 2010

Amazing Kitchen Tips

Here are some tips for you to work with kitchen. These tips are amazing and you will feel the difference and have good time in kitchen after applying them. These tips are approved several times and you don’t need to worry regarding outcomes and results of these tips.

Have a look on them:

  • Your hands become smelly after chopping onion, garlic and ginger. In order to remove this smell from your hands, rub them on stainless steel spoon and smell will b no more.
  • Always avoid keeping citrus fruits and tomatoes in fridge.
  • If gravy is burned during cooking, just transfer it to clear and clean pan and continue cooking.
  • To avoid sticky airtight jars, put 1 pinch of salt in them.
  • If rice has burned and got smell, just keep piece of white bread on the top of rice almost for 5-10 minutes. It will draw burned flavor from rice.
  • Rub some cooking oil on your hands before cutting chili peppers. This will escape your hands form observing chili oil.
  • Put an apple in potato bags to prevent them budding.
  • Use water for plants in which you have boiled pasta and potatoes as this water contains nutrition that plants require.
  • Whenever you have to defrost meat put some drops of vinegar on it. this will help quick tenderize the meat.
  • Clean your silver utensils with toothpaste.
  • Whenever you burned yourself during cooking just spread some mustard powder on burned area.
  • To remove fruit stains from your hands, rub them on fresh peeled potatoes.

These tips will be very helpful for you while working in kitchen.


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