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August 13, 2010

Make Easy Dishes with Food Processor

Cooking in food processor is a versatile way of cooking and also very easy and fast. Some of food processor benefits include time saving and ability to reduce the stress that you have doing same things in kitchen with your hands. This great kitchen appliance can be used for several purposes like:

  • Grinding
  • Chopping
  • Slicing
  • Shredding

Vegetables, fruits, nuts and just any other type of food can be processed with this amazing appliance. It has made the lives of people very comfort in kitchen especially when there you have to prepare food in very short time. Here we will describe 10 dishes that you can easily make using food processor in your kitchen.

  1. Shredded salad can be easily made in food processor than doing this boring task with hands.
  2. Different types of soups can also be prepared frequently in food processor.
  3. It just takes 30 seconds to prepare pizza dough.
  4. Food processor is very helpful in making different types of dips and dressings that are used in salads and past dishes.
  5. You can prepare meat balls with food processor in just few minutes. Just put the material in food processor and blend it.
  6. Shredding cheese can also be prepared by food processor in more convenient.
  7. Salsa, garlic and parsley can also be chopped in food processor to use in different dishes.
  8. Nuts can be diced or copped to use for ice cream or topping for other dishes.
  9. It is amazing that you can make bread crumbs at home with the help of food processor.

Bring food processor to your home and see the amazing results of this amazing kitchen appliance. It will also add to value of your kitchen.


May 31, 2010

Commonly Used Kitchen Appliances

Kitchen appliances have become most important part of modern kitchens. It is not far when a well organized kitchen had stove, refrigerator, oven and sink providing hot and cold water. Technological development has changed the face of everything and has become essential part of our lives. Invention of several kitchen appliances is best example of this fact that we are now slaves of technology. Lots of appliances are used that are very convenient for cooking tasty and obviously healthy dishes. These kitchen appliances are equally used in homes and restaurants.

Here we will discuss some of commonly used kitchen appliances with their functions and role in cooking.

Microwave Oven: For fast cooking microwaves have made cooks very convenient. Now each modern style kitchen is imperfect without microwave. You can reheat your dishes in fewer seconds without problem of sticking with utensils.

Refrigerator: Refrigerator is one of basic appliances used in home and kitchen. In order to maintain foodstuff clean and preserved from root, it is necessary to have refrigerator in your kitchen. More sophisticated models of refrigerators have also been introduced for your convenience like single door and double door refrigerator or freezers.

Pressure Cookers: It is another useful appliance that is most commonly used by cooks in homes and on commercial level as well. Having pressure cooker you can tender the hard foodstuff in some minutes like grain food, meet and other foodstuff.

Toaster: Toaster is another useful appliance that is very helpful in preparing breakfast quickly. You can heat bread slices in some seconds and your breakfast is ready.

Other than daily use kitchen appliances lots of others are here to make you comfortable in cooking and they include:

  • Sandwich maker
  • Juicer/blender
  • Steamer
  • Food processor
  • Electric cattle
  • Cooking range
  • Fryer

All these appliances are commonly used to cook frequently. These appliances are very helpful for saving your time in the kitchen.

April 2, 2010

Microwave Cooking

Microwave is one of great inventions in home appliances technology that has made the lives of people very easy in daily cooking. In microwave food is cooked by its heat and microwave radiation. Lots of types of microwaves are available in the market but basic types of microwaves are:

  • Countertop microwave
  • Double oven microwave

Microwave ovens cook food quickly and efficiently. They are also fast, convenient, low-maintenance and affordable. In all over the world, microwaves are frequently used by the people. Microwave is such device that is used in home for many times a day. A recent research conducted by utility experts’ shows that less cooking power is used in microwaves that is round about 30% to 70%. Another advantage of microwaves is that they don’t need to pre-heat before baking and cooking. Microwave ovens are also convenient in the way that they reduce cooking time up to 75%.

Microwaves maintain the color of food items put in them. They also retain vitamins and minerals of food because of short time of cooking. Microwaves have replaced general cooking stoves, frying pans and other conventional ovens. Microwaves are available in different sizes and styles having lots of features, power configurations and functions as well. Varieties of manufacturers are involved in the production of latest models of microwaves for making people more convenient in their cooking.

Foods having high moisture and oil can be better cooked in microwaves. Microwave also requires less oil to cook food items and food don’t stick to the pot also. Having microwave in your kitchen can change your life at all as they are main source of saving your money and also keep the environment navigate. By using microwaves you can make your life more convenient if you are also involved in the activities rather than staying all the time at home.

March 24, 2010

Oven Cleaning

Cleaning kitchen or other kitchen accessories is part of cooking and it should be done on regular basis for health safety of whole family. You oven is most important part of your kitchen as almost all food items passes through oven so it should be clean and free from germs.

Here are some tips regarding deep oven cleaning of your kitchen:

  1. First of all identify the type of your oven and remember that some ovens are made in such system that they clean automatically.
  2. Don’t use any type of chemical for oven or other kitchen appliances cleaning as it can be harmful for them.
  3. Remove the recent stains of liquids with the help of hot water and cloth sponge.
  4. For oven cleaning, lots of products are available. Choose the right one and use according to the instructions given by the manufacturer.
  5. Before cleaning remove the racks and inside accessories of oven.
  6. Also unplug the oven before starting cleaning of oven.
  7. A solution mixed with 2 tbsp lemon juice, 2 tbsp vinegar and 2 cups hot water will be better enough to clean and shine your oven.
  8. A paste of baking soda and water will also clean coffee stains from your oven.
  9. To wash the oven grill use dishwashing detergent and tap water.

10.  Try to be regular in cleaning you kitchen oven to keep it effective and doing its work properly.

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