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March 6, 2010

Learn Proper Care of Refrigerator

When fridge is left off after emptying it for several days, there comes messy smell from it that is always unpleasant. Sometimes it also happens that fridge smells when we keep some food items in it that have odor or sharp smell like melon, mangoes and apples etc. It seems very unpleasant when someone opens the refrigerator and gets struck by bad smell. To get rid of this annoying problem is very difficult. It is hopped that the tips and suggestions given below will work much in this regard:

  • Keep a simple paper on the shelf of fridge and put an unburned coal on it. In this way your fridge will not give unpleasant smell any more.
  • If you put coal in your freezer, it would be better and your food items will not give smell that makes you feel unpleasant.
  • For odor control, you can also use this way as take 2 tbsp of baking soda and mix it in warm water, then clean the inside of fridge with it.
  • Putting a box of backing soda in the refrigerator will also solve this problem.
  • When ice trays freeze in the refrigerator, sometimes it become hard to scratch them. If you put plastic mats under ice trays, they can be scratched easily and your fridge will remain safe from the use of knife and other pointed things that can be harmful for the refrigerator.
  • To avoid the ice collection in your refrigerator, keep a piece of foam in fridge and frequently suck the water fallen in the freezer when you put water in freezer for ice.
  • Always switch off the plug of your refrigerator before cleaning it.

All these tips are proved many times and you can take advantage from these tips regarding proper care and cleanliness of your refrigerator.


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